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Ostinato drumming
Independence day
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Independence day
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Count on yourself?

We all like to think we have good independence.
  But if you think about it, most of the time we are playing with co-dependence stacking beats on top of each other so they all line up .
making sure that hi hat or snare falls on the same beat and that lines up with  the kick drum etc
  The problem with this way of thinking is that there always has to be one part playing as the main subdivision and everything works around that and can sound like it to!.
  A better way to use co-dependence is to relate everything to a separate source,,,,, counting ! If you can count a straight 1,2,3,4, over your playing ,fills everything,
you will be playing with co-ordination,and have a much stronger sense of time,  
A lack of co-ordination shows just how co-dependent we really are.
The limbs work together in our evey day Just look at how we walk and run.
So to we must teach our self' a new way to function
and thats a lot of catching up to do !

so why are you sat here reading this?.........get to work !